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Immigration to France : france immigration requirements 2022

Scientific research has been conducted on immigration to France and a number of strategies for securing French residency. France is well-liked because of its favorable living standards, which include strong and adequate indicators, widespread freedom, an ideal educational situation, educational system, and living and health conditions. What are the most popular routes for emigrating to France? May permanent residency and French citizenship be granted to those who migrate to france? What are some of the benefits of getting a French passport? This article provides answers to these and other immigration-related questions to France.

Immigration to France , france immigration requirements 2022 , immigration in france today

Topics covered in this article:

  1. Immigrating to France through work
  2. Immigrating to France through study
  3. Immigrating to France through investment
  4. Immigrating to France through marriage
  5. Immigrating to France by birth
  6. Immigrating to France through asylum
  7. Immigrating to France and living expenses in France
  8. Immigrating to France and obtaining residency and citizenship

1- Immigrating to France through work

Those looking to work in France should be aware that they would need an invitation from a respectable employer. If the employer may invite a foreign person to advertise the job for three months in France first, if he or she does not find the right person for the job, he or she must re-advertise the job for three months in the European Union. If the right person cannot be identified, a foreign individual can be invited.

Through this invitation, the applicant will enter France and apply for permanent residency and then citizenship after five years. The most important requirements for working in France are having a degree and ample fluency in French, as well as receiving a job invitation from a respectable employer. To work in this country, you must meet a number of requirements, including your age, education and history, work experience, and so on. If you meet these criteria, a French work visa could be the perfect way for you to immigrate to France at the lowest cost possible.

People who want to work in France and obtain a Blue Card should be aware that they must have a language credential as well as a master's degree or higher in order to obtain a position and a technical job. Another prerequisite is to earn Euros 53,000 a year. Other factors, such as the language certificate listed earlier, must be taken into account.

2- Studying in France is a great way to get into the country.

Many people wish to immigrate to France to study because it will provide them with a better educational atmosphere, a higher academic standard, and ideal living conditions. Studying in France is divided into three divisions, each with its own set of admission criteria.
Applicants for undergraduate migrate to france for undergraduate studies are briefly specified among the conditions needed for undergraduate immigration to France.

- A 12-year diploma based on primary school, first high school, and second secondary school education is required.
- Have a B2 French degree

Undergraduate students studying in France will be able to work for 10 to 20 hours a week to support themselves. Of course, it is also possible to immigrate to France by language, and applicants who complete B2 language courses in France will be admitted.

In order to pursue a master's degree in France, you must first obtain a bachelor's degree. At this stage, students have the option of choosing between French and English as their study language. Students planning to immigrate to France with a master's degree must be able to work 20 to 30 hours per week.

Applicants wishing to immigrate to France for PhD studies should be aware that they must receive a certificate from a supervisor or supervisors in order to study for a doctorate. To succeed in the affiliate marketing industry, you'll need more than luck. It should be noted that foreign PhD students are permitted to work 30 to 40 hours per week.

Students who want to work in France after graduation will be granted a 12-month residency permit, allowing them to look for work during that period. Find a job that is relevant to your field of study, and people would need to find a job that pays them €2,300 per month.

The good news is that students who want to continue their education in France will take advantage of the country's free study program. Until enrolling in a university, applicants can take French language courses. Learn French for free in this region. The cost of these classes is only 7-8 thousand euros, but you can receive a free education in French.

Another benefit of this form of immigration to France is that, unlike in other countries, students who want to pursue careers in medicine do not have to take an entrance exam right after finishing their French language course; instead, after getting admission to the medical sector, they will be trained for one year to prepare for the entrance exam.

3- Investing in France as a means of immigration

Every year, a large number of people seek to immigrate to France through investment and company formation. Due to acceptable investment standards such as low investment risk and positive economic growth, the country has attracted the attention of foreign investors. The steps for investing and forming a business in France are outlined below.

A limited liability company (LLC) may be formed to invest in this country. Two shareholders are required for this form of company registration, though an entity may register his company alone. This is a crucial thing to remember.

There is no particular capital required for this form of business, and the desired capital is calculated by the business plan that you provide; providing a business plan or business plan is required for people who wish to register a business. One of the drawbacks of migrating to France by company registration is the need to include a business plan. Having a business plan approved by the French government requires complete knowledge of the market situation in France, which is difficult for most people who do not live in France. And it's not going to be fast.

Many that have registered a limited liability company will be granted a one-year visa, which can be extended, if the business plan is accepted. People can apply for permanent residency after three years of company activity if they are happy and have a good resume.

One of the ways to immigrate to France is to support yourself. People who can afford it can use this form. People can obtain many of the country's amenities using this method, including long-term and permanent residence, a driver's license, loans from the country's banks, and travel to Schengen member states; however, the most important condition in this process is to demonstrate one's financial ability as well as one's ability to live in France without the need for business.

The process of obtaining a residency permit for self-supporting immigrants to France will take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. Applicants are granted a one-year residency at first, which can be extended year after year. The individual may apply for a 10-year residency or permanent residency after 5 years.

One of the benefits of self-supporting migration to France is that there is no chance of capital loss because you do not invest any money in the country and just have to prove your assets in your Iranian bank account. The most critical aspect of this approach is that it has the drawback of preventing you from working in France. The financial requirements for this method are 40,000 Euros for the main individual, 20,000 Euros for the partner, and 10,000 Euros for the children, which you can display in your Iranian bank account.

4- Immigrating to France through marriage

One of the immigration processes, as well as acquiring a passport and citizenship in France, is by marriage. Individuals may acquire French citizenship by marrying a person of French ancestry or a person who has lived in France for a long time. Due to the difficulties and violations that have occurred in the process of obtaining a residency permit in France, France has established rules and requirements for applicants seeking to immigrate to France by marriage, requiring applicants to demonstrate the sincerity of their marriage and their words.

One of these requirements is that you and your partner have lived together for many years. In this form of immigration, a person is granted a one-year visa that can be extended, and after four years of residency, he can apply for French citizenship.

5- Immigrating to France by birth

Different countries' birth systems are classified into two groups. The blood system and the soil system are also included. The blood system is used in many nations, including France. This means that if a child was born to a French parent, or if one of the parents has a residence permit in France, or if one of the parents is a French citizen, he or she will receive a residence permit and, eventually, French citizenship and a passport.

A individual born in France will be granted residency and citizenship regardless of where they were born, according to the blood system. It can become a French citizen regardless of where it was born. Obtaining residency and citizenship by birth has its own set of requirements, so if you have friends who want to immigrate to France in this manner, you can contact the Malekpour Institute's professional experts for more information.

6- Immigrating to France through asylum

One of the most difficult ways to immigrate to France is by asylum. People in this country lose not only their reputation in the destination country and are no longer considered first-class citizens, but they also risk losing their land, family, and family status in this dangerous phase. As a result, we are able to provide you with legal immigration to France. It should be remembered that Malekpour Law Firm does not offer any services to asylum seekers, and this information is provided solely for your convenience.

In order to apply for asylum in France, you must first register with PADA, a non-governmental organization. It also assists asylum seekers in the preparation of documents, inquires about their marital status, and instructs them about how to enter the country, and encourages them to apply for asylum. The entire area police force.

The person must then meet with two officials, one from the administrative field and the other from the Immigration Office. The documents will be delivered to the OFPRA office in twenty-one days. After that, he will be scheduled for an interview. The applicant must persuade the agent as to whether he or she is seeking immigration. The applicant can also require an interpreter during the interview. Finally, the final result will be mailed to the person. It will be held in refugee camps until the outcome is known.

7- Immigrating to France and living expenses in France

Knowing the cost of living is one of the most important factors for people who want to immigrate to France or other countries. The cost of living will vary by city, state, and area, and will be determined by how people live. Any of the costs are mentioned in the table below, along with the names of your friends if you need more detail. Applicants for immigration to this country will improve their knowledge prior to emigrating by investing time, effort, and research in this area, allowing them to immigrate to the desired country with a more open mind.

8- Immigrating to France and obtaining residency and citizenship

Knowing one's permanent residency and citizenship status is crucial for someone planning to immigrate to France or another country. The following is a quick rundown on how to get your loved ones permanent residency and citizenship.

If a person is born to French parents or whose parents have permanent residency in the country, he or she will have little difficulty obtaining residency and citizenship.

If an international person intends to marry a person of French origin or a person who has residency and citizenship in this country in order to be able to immigrate to France and obtain permanent residency and citizenship, he should be aware that after four years of residence, he will apply for citizenship if he follows the citizenship and residency conditions correctly and stays away from the country.

In general, 5 years of continuous and continuous living in France, as well as having income and financial conditions, are required in most of the methods of obtaining residency and citizenship in this country.

Citizens who obtain citizenship in this country should be mindful that they have the same rights as citizens, including the ability to vote and other privileges.
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