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immigration to portugal : Getting portugal permanent residency with portugal immigration laws

The topics of immigrating to Portugal, obtaining a Portugal visa by various immigration methods, and obtaining Portugal citizenship are all discussed in detail in this article. Portugal is located in the southeastern part of the Green Continent and is well-liked by immigrants and investors due to the welcoming atmosphere offered by its government. Portugal's visa and residency requirements are particularly favorable for those seeking to immigrate to the country via a variety of routes.

Getting portugal permanent residency with portugal immigration laws

Topic covered in this article:

  1. General conditions of immigrating to Portugal
  2. Immigrating to Portugal through study
  3. Immigrating to Portugal through working
  4. Immigrating to Portugal through investment
  5. Immigrating to Portugal through buying property
  6. Immigrating to Portugal through self-sponsored method
  7. Immigrating to Portugal through marriage
  8. Child birth and acquiring Portugal citizenship
  9. Immigrating to Portugal through asylum
  10. Acquiring Portugal citizenship

1- General conditions of immigrating to Portugal

Portugal is a lovely country with a moderate Mediterranean climate. This country is very friendly to the Iranian people's minds because it is home to many warm and welcoming people. The small but significant argument is that Portuguese cuisine is very similar to the taste and style of Iranians. In terms of immigration laws and regulations for foreign citizens living outside of the European Union, there are opportunities for studying, working, investing in civil sections such as buying homes, and plans for investors and retirees.

As a result, people will obtain citizenship in this lovely country depending on their circumstances. The important point is that this country has agreed to conventions such as membership in the European Union and inclusion in the Schengen region, which has piqued the interest of those seeking to immigrate to Portugal. Despite the fact that Portuguese is the official language of this country, most citizens, corporations, and foreign businesses are fluent in English. Huge gains for investors have been considered by the government and executive companies.

2- Immigrating to Portugal through Study

Portugal's universities have a long history of training teachers and developing awareness. Many considering studying in Portugal should be aware that students from both within and outside the European Union will pursue bachelor's, master's, and PhD degrees. The bachelor's degree takes 3 to 4 years to complete, 2 years to complete a master's degree, and 3 to 4 years to complete a PhD.

Providing previous educational certificates and score transcripts is required to be accepted by Portuguese universities. While most courses in Portugal are taught in Portuguese, there are a few that are taught in English. A Portuguese or English language proficiency certificate may be required depending on the course language and university degree.

It should be noted that although studying in Portugal is free for European Union citizens, the cost varies depending on the degree being pursued. The cost of a bachelor's degree ranges from 3,500 to 8,500 euros, a master's degree from 1,800 to 3,000 euros, and a PhD from 5,000 to 15,000 euros. In a PhD program at a Portuguese university, the emphasis is primarily on science. For the university's acceptance, you'll need to find a supervisor.

Students interested in studying in Portugal should be aware that the country has over 100 universities, faculties, and colleges. Portugal has been at the forefront of efforts to increase the standard of education for students in recent years. As a result of this endeavor, foreign students are being attracted to the universities, and they are being improved to world-class standards. The table below lists six of Portugal's top universities.

3- Immigrating to Portugal through Working

To immigrate to Portugal by working, you must first obtain a work visa from the region. It is possible to obtain a work visa in Portugal if you are a specialist in your profession and have foreign or academic degrees. Overall, working conditions in Portugal are such that you must have a job offer from a Portuguese company or employer to work there. You can give your CV to a Portuguese employer along with your work application.

If the employer believes your qualifications are appropriate for the position, they will begin the process of obtaining your work visa and establishing citizenship by sending job offers. Also, in terms of finding a job in Portugal, it's worth remembering that the unemployment rate in Portugal is expected to be 6.3 percent in 2020, which is not alarming for workers who want to immigrate to Portugal, and getting a job offer is possible if you keep in regular contact with the employer. The following section depicts the rate of unemployment in Portugal over the last few years.

If you want to immigrate to Portugal for work, you should know that the most lucrative jobs in the country are mainly in engineering and computer activities and applications. Since this is a tourist destination, occupations in the tourism industry can present opportunities.

4- Immigrating to Portugal through investment

Investing in Portugal is one of the best ways to immigrate to the world. There are some requirements in some subcategories of investment that enable you to obtain residency simply by demonstrating that you are an investor. Although there are several ways to invest in Portugal, you should choose the options that result in residency.

Buying property and self-sponsorship are thus the best ways to immigrate to Portugal by savings, as mentioned in detail in the following pages.

  • Investment in Portugal through buying property

Purchasing real estate in Portugal is a unique opportunity. This visa is known as the "golden visa" because it is so common. Properties worth €280000, €350000, and €500000 can be purchased with this form of investment. When purchasing properties worth €280000 and €350000, we must purchase a property that is at least three decades old and in need of repair, but when purchasing properties worth €500000, the applicant is free to select based on their own interests.

One of the advantages of purchasing property in Portugal is that the money invested earns a 3% return. The spouse and children are granted citizenship before they reach the age of 21 by purchasing land. The interesting aspect is that property investment in Portugal is very low-risk, and developers are allowed to work as well. We recommend that you read the article on buying property in Portugal for more detail on property investment.

Taking the desired country's property confiscation rate into account is one of the more noticeable factors in investment. Is the country into which the investor is transferring funds secure? According to the table above, Portugal has the lowest rate of property confiscation and investment risk. The investor's risk level ranges from 1 to 7, with 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest.

5- Immigration to Portugal through self-sponsored method

This approach is one of the safest ways to invest in immigration. It is possible to immigrate to Portugal with your family on this form of visa. There is no need to send money to a particular individual or organization by using the self-sponsored form. The money stays in the client's bank account during the whole operation. Overall, the client must demonstrate that he is in good financial standing when making this form of investment. He must also provide a set sum of money for each member of his family.

In addition to bank account funds, the person must show that he owns two property title deeds. Individuals interested in immigrating to Portugal under these conditions can be able to obtain self-sponsored residency. This approach has no age restrictions, and elderly people will engage in it as well.

6- Immigration to Portugal through marriage

By marrying a Portuguese resident, you might be able to obtain residency and citizenship in Portugal. It is important to remember that in order to obtain residency and citizenship by marriage, one must marry a Portuguese citizen (a permanent resident does not qualify). One thing to keep in mind is that if you married outside of Portugal, you will need to register in Portugal once you reach the country.

The marriage of homosexuals is legal and permitted under Portuguese law. Another factor to consider is the couple's relationship's strength and consistency over a period of at least three years. If a foreign person's residency obtained by marriage is terminated due to divorce or the end of the partnership within three years, the foreign person's residency will be terminated. Refer to the article on marriage in Portugal for more detail.

7- Child birth and acquiring Portugal citizenship

Childbirth is one of the methods of immigration to Portugal that is influenced by citizenship rather than residency. Citizenship is usually transferred by the law of blood or the rule of soil.

Portugal follows the law of blood when it comes to citizenship transfers. It means that if a child is born to a Portuguese father or mother, he will be granted Portuguese citizenship. The interesting point is that if a non-Portuguese parent immigrated to Portugal through various routes and obtained Portuguese citizenship, their child can also obtain Portuguese citizenship.

8- Immigrating to Portugal through asylum

Asylum is the most dangerous route to take to enter Portugal. There should generally be some solid grounds to show that the individual is in mortal danger for this form of immigration. Unemployment or a low income are insufficient to persuade the officer and inspector of your paper. Furthermore, those who come to Portugal as asylum seekers do not have decent living conditions. These people are normally housed in a makeshift camp with no amenities. As a result, it is recommended that you pursue legal advice to determine the best legal immigration route for you.

9- Acquiring Portugal citizenship

Entry to permanent residency and citizenship is one of the best features of immigrating to Portugal through various methods. Extending residency for up to 5 years by methods such as purchasing land, self-sponsored, and extended work visas will result in permanent residency, and at the end of the sixth year, it is possible to obtain Portuguese citizenship. If a person succeeds in securing a contract with a business or employer after graduation, he will obtain permanent residency by paying taxes from his salary for 5 years and extending his residency, and he will also be qualified for citizenship in the sixth year.

Citizenship is automatically inherited by the infant when he or she is born to Portuguese parents. In the case of immigrating via marriage with a Portuguese citizen, the foreign person can become eligible for citizenship after a three-year marriage. To become a citizen of Portugal, one must first learn the language and become acquainted with the culture and traditions of the region. Last but not least, he must be free of all criminal records.

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